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His characters live and breathe in places that only they can inhabit.

His characters live and breathe in places that only they can inhabit.

In his mid-20s, Clay Sizemore has lived in Appalachia his entire life and works in the coal mines at Black Banks.

He is a product of the hill country and is loyal to the relatives who raised him, especially Aunt Easter, his dead mother's sister.

He is an author from whom more fine storytelling will be applauded.

His voice and characters run true and clear, like a mountain stream after the thaw, with flashes of insight so startlingly resonant and beautiful, they call to mind a cardinal alighting in a winter birch.

"There is a cool that sometimes comes down over the mountains in the evening...peach light stands like steam along the horizon..seeps out of the jagged cliffs...creek slips over old rocks..." Time-honored themes of family loyalty, strength of religious experience and conviction, love and lust, substance abuse, and violence fill the novel's pages.

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House wastes few words in the development of his plot to its conclusion.

After being in print for 17 years by Ballantine Books, a new edition is forthcoming from Blair.

Clay Sizemore is in his mid-twenties and has tired of his living-for-the-weekend lifestyle.

But there are complications with Alma's recent ex-husband that pound home the theme of cyclical violence.

As Clay tries to find out the truth about how and why his mother was killed he falls into a situation that reveals we all have the capability to be violent, and that we can all make the choice not to be.


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