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For instance, when writing an essay on Hamlet, a play by Shakespeare, the main requirement is to do a thorough critical analysis of Hamlet.In order to do this, the reader is required to delve deeper into the characters and the premises of the story.

For instance, when writing an essay on Hamlet, a play by Shakespeare, the main requirement is to do a thorough critical analysis of Hamlet.

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At an internal level, Hamlet seems to be delaying his revenge because he is divided by his mother’s betrayal of his father, which is a constant preoccupation for him.

Throughout the story, we see the emotional turmoil that the character constantly battles in order to overcome his unruly circumstances and a descent into madness.

The final act of the death of the entire royal family, and the kingdom going in the hands of the Norwegian royalty, further highlights how the emotional turmoil of a family eventually acts in the advantage of the enemy.

It was his indecisiveness about whether to stick with his religious beliefs or continue to remain loyal to his father that cost him a major opportunity when it came to avenging the death of his beloved father.

Vengeance and the indecisiveness highlight the weakness in the character of the humans involved in the story.


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