Essay For The Human Comedy

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The novel begins with a simple experience of joy: on a warm, bright afternoon, Ulysses Macauley, younger brother of the novel's protagonist, enjoys experiences of animals in his back yard, a friendly man on a train, and his mother's company.At the telegraph office there's the selflessly compassionate Mr. Macauley and oldest sister Bess who, with her friend Mary Arena, takes pity on a visiting trio of soldiers and joins them on a date at the movies.Then there are the two very different shop owners, the worldly and infinitely generous Mr. Covington, and a wide selection of characters at Homer's school. Byfield (the manipulative athletic coach), Miss Hicks (the spinster teacher with a surprising perspective on detention) and Mr.Ek (the principle, more interested in doing the right thing than in being popular with either his faculty or the parents).In terms of classmates, Homer has encounters with the well-off Hubert, the beautiful but aloof Helen, and the amusing Joe.Well the next step he only recommended to “men of excessive vigor. skin covered in liver spots.” It consisted of taking pulverized beans and swallowing them dry.He recommends you take a break from this process when you reach the point of horrible sweats and feeble nerves.Soon afterwards, however, his older brother Homer, on one of his earliest deliveries as a telegraph boy, passes on news of her son's death to a suddenly (and perhaps understandably) traumatized middle-aged woman.On their journeys throughout their hometown and through the next couple of days, Homer and Ulysses both encounter vividly portrayed characters who, one way or another, educate them about the ways of the world. At home, there's the gently grieving (and profoundly wise) Mrs.Through all of this, Homer Macauley essentially becomes a man - not physically, as he's some time away from going through puberty, but emotionally and spiritually, with a lived awareness of what it takes or costs to live and die in this world.The biggest test comes when he is given a telegram to deliver to his own home - a telegram announcing Marcus's death.


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