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I have other Czech designers I love even more, but this poster has always been a favorite of mine.” 4.

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Ziegler created many iconic posters but the psychedelic collage style of this poster is just beautiful.

Czech poster art often gets overshadowed by Polish poster art but historically they're every bit as abstract and gorgeous.

You can see that a couple of them clearly influenced our final look.

Going beyond the call of duty, Sam also made a smaller, pared-down screenprint version of his design which was printed at Kangaroo Studios in his home town of Nashville, TN.

Japanese posters of the 60s and 70s featured such interesting compositions and creative uses of photography, an unfairly maligned element of poster design.

Not to mention the always beautiful Japanese script and lettering.A few months ago I finally got the chance when we decided that we wanted something out of the ordinary to promote our new release of Andrey Zvyagintsev's ish aspects of this captivating modern Russian crime drama and none of the keyart we’d seen from Europe really captured that aspect of it (though I am quite fond of the Australian poster).Sam, with his love of Czech posters of the 60s and 70s and their frequent animal iconography, immediately zeroed in on the crow that appears at the start of the film as a linchpin element for his design.But I also decided that I had no other choice than to let each entry here act as a stand-in for a whole culture of film posters behind it, geographically speaking, or even for other posters by the same designer. I’ll never forget seeing this teaser poster in a movie theater lobby.Before the internet, posters like this were the first a kid like me ever heard of a new movie.His friend Adrian Cobb has made this wonderful short film documenting the process.These numbered and signed limited edition prints can be purchased exclusively from Posteritati, though we’re also giving two away in a raffle at the BAMcinématek screening of Zvyagintsev’s ’s opening at Film Forum).After a number of variations Sam hit upon the silhouette that is used in the final design.Windows are a major feature of the film (Elena lives with her rich husband in a modern glass-walled penthouse) so to have Elena looking out of the window, her back to us, ruminating, maybe plotting, fits the feel of the film perfectly and also gives her a hint of Joan Crawford at her most devious.A fold-out insert from Imagica’s Japanese DVD releases of four Louis Malle films, it’s thus technically a poster and one of my favorites of all time at that.(100% Orange hasn’t done much other movie artwork, but they did create wonderful illustrations for this (Japan, designer unknown, 1966) “Representing the beautiful montage compositions found in Japanese poster design.


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