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This event probably drastically reduced the pamphlet’s circulation.) Vol.9 – please contact me if you have them to sell).It really does make the other books superfluous on one level but then again, it is useful to have different collections/arrangements, especially of Orwell’s essays and journalism.I wrote my first poem at the age of four or five, my mother taking it down to dictation.

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which had a very small print run (or at least the UK version did).

The facsimile covers are stunning and I am pleased to have the American printing of Orwell’s last novel in an original dust jacket.

16pp (3,000 copies of this pamphlet were printed although few were distributed.

Shortly after its publication, Collett’s the official Communist bookshop in London took over the Socialist Book Centre, much to Orwell’s dismay.

I am lucky enough to have a genuine first edition (and also a third impression, printed in the same month in January) without their dust jackets.

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It is fitting that Orwell’s first book I collected was the last one added to my shelf.It is gratifying to have two of my absolute favourites – * Recently procured a signed first UK edition signed “George Orwell” (last sold in Melbourne at auction in 2013).On a trip to the Isle of Jura, Orwell’s son, Richard Blair, signed both the US and UK first editions at Barnhill.This collection of non fiction about Orwell has quite a few books that I am looking forward to be reading or completing.Those written by people who knew Orwell, sometimes when he was still Eric Blair, are of particular interest.I am scouting for more articles published, as Eric Blair, in the Adelphi when Richard Rees was the editor and have a good lead. Contributors also include Bernard Shaw, Robert Graves, Stephen Spender, J. Priestly, Julian Huxley, Harold Nicolson)Searchlight Books No.5, Secker and Warburg, 1941 Anytime I saw a book about Orwell I read it. Quite a few of the following reference works are immaculately preserved first editions, although they have no great monetary value it is their content and the assemblage of so many resources in my library that enriches.which only had a 1000 copies printed (and some of those were destroyed during “The Blitz” in London) became possible when I procured a copy from a collector in South Africa selling his library.He also sold me a doubleplusgood copy of Orwell’s, .The destruction of the stock by bombs ended its sales.I have collected the entire series: explores learning, leadership, education, schooling, teaching, digital technologies, edutech, books, literature, travel, genealogy, music, photography, citizen science and the impact of social media. Your commentary, collaboration and participation is encouraged and highly valued!


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