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The needs of the learners can be identified and then set the ground for selection of the curriculum objectives.

Similarly, once the objectives are set, the content can easily be picked that would meet the goals and objectives set.

Here the teacher communicates the content of the curriculum using the recommended methods of teaching.

The quality assurance education officers from the city or state government would also visit the school once in a while to ensure that the actual process of instruction is done accurately and that the instructors are observing all the requirements for maintaining high standards.

Continuity implies that the curriculum continues from one level to another.

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The contents of one level must be linked to the contents of another level, by offering a foundation.Resources have to be considered in the designing of a curriculum.The resources are aligned with the curriculum in sense that each of the identified learning experiences and teaching lessons would require the aid of learning resources to enhance learning process.For instance, sometimes it requires instructors to use external teaching aid in order for a concept to be understood by learners.A good strategy has to be used to ensure that the curriculum is implemented effectively.The first thing is that the instructors and the school heads have to be in serviced since they are the main agents of implementation.The purpose of in servicing is to update the main implementers on any changes, discoveries and new knowledge that the curriculum will contain.Despite the model that should be selected for curriculum design, the learners should always be included in the picture.Learning process is based on the needs of the learners since they are the ones being trained.This is done by the implementers of curriculum especially the instructors.The instructors are the ones who have the greater responsibility of implementing curriculum since they are the ones who interact with the students.


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