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Cigarette smoke produces thousands of chemicals that are hazardous to a smoker's health. Some of the ingredients are poisonous and addictive. Despite, all the warnings by the surgeon general that quitting smoking may greatly reduce serious risks to your health, people still manage to find a excuse to quit smoking (American Heart Association 1).

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Studies show that it is the cause of lung cancer which is the most common cancer in men.

Not only this, it is related to the cancers of other body parts like mouth and throat.

Cigarettes contains carcinogens, which are cancer causing.

The following are compounded into cigarettes: benzene (paint), formaldehyde (embalming fluid), ammonia (hair dye, toilet cleaner, etc), acetone (nail polish remover), tar, nicotine (insecticide/ addictive), carbon monoxide (automobile exhaust), arsenic, and hydrogen cyanide (poisons).

Nicotine is addictive also one of the most dangerous ingredients in cigarette tobacco.

Filters help to block and reduce some of the chemicals, but they will not stop them completely.

The other two negative effects are economical and social.

First of all, smokers spend a large proportion of their income on buying tobacco especially for high quality ones, that is considered as a waste of money.

This is particularly true for those with low income, and as result their families will be affected.

Regarding social aspect, smokers usually have bad odors and this makes them unacceptable.


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