Essay About Cheesecake Factory

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Due to the business being nurtured for many decades, the reputation of the company is highly distinguished among the consumers.

The cheesecake factory restaurant style is providing an internal classy environment where the arrangement of the guests sitting is very orderly and beauteous in the outlook.

The style of the restaurant The cheesecake factory restaurant was greatly inspired by the Overtons as Evelyn always came up with ultra modern and unique cheesecake recipes.

Her passion for cooking did exemplify a new generation of creative cooking and baking in the food industry.

Anyway, the Cheesecake Factory is too much birthday.

But the Cheesecake Factory is also America, with all its promise and flaws. It is the idea that a menu with 250 items is not only desirable but also inevitable.You can eat your way around the world at the Cheesecake Factory in a similarly incoherent way: chicken samosas, Jamaican black pepper shrimp and Nashville hot chicken nuggets. Thai Lettuce Wraps, which came on a platter so large, and with so many big, concave cabbage leaves that I wondered if I’d wandered onto the set of an Anne Geddes shoot, featured crisp, well-prepared vegetables and a satisfying satay-ish peanut grilled chicken.The Louisiana chicken pasta is about as Cajun as the ersatz Eiffel Tower in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino is French. Pastas are largely underseasoned — strange, given that they’re often whelmed with some kind of creamy sauce.The temporary manager Shirleen was very pragmatic while assisting me to be efficacious with my assignment.She was very social and did answer all the questions I asked directly and managed to provide clear explanations that offered an in-depth understanding of both the restaurant and her management position.They were very ready to answer any questions I had and did offer quality services in accommodating me for the day.It was a very pleasant visit that did yield valuable results with the interview.The manner of serving food is also conducted in a high class system as they do offer meals in different preferences such as appetizers, salads, desserts, pastas, snacks, freshly baked breads specialties and main meals specialties (All menus, 2014).The restaurant has also implemented the innovative style of always creating new recipe meals in order to enrich the culture of the society continually as well as enhance the satisfaction of consumers.Its consistency and efficiency, famously celebrated in a 2012 essay by Atul Gawande, is borderline profound. There’s a menacing allure to both: a promise of a good time to all who dare enter, with ramifications for those who overdo it. Tex-Mex egg rolls, essentially a chicken fajita stuffed into a crunchy fried shell, are a stroke of genius.In Vegas, you can travel practically anywhere, albeit in a manufactured, historically questionable manner: Egypt (Luxor), Rome (Caesars Palace) or medieval England (Excalibur). A mountain of sticky, scorching-hot Korean fried cauliflower pieces, served with limes and ranch dressing, didn’t strike me as overly Korean per se (it tasted like a slight gochujang breeze had kissed the pieces, but I also could have imagined it), but had a masterful balance of tang and sweetness.


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