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Data from the New South Wales Poisons Information Centre and the United States National Poison Data System show the majority of energy drink cases involved children and adolescents.Use by young people with pre-existing heart problems is particularly worrisome, given increased risk of high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and sudden death.Energy drinks are known to be made with certain levels of caffeine and sugar.

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The most common question people want to know about energy drinks is do they work?

Do they realty give energy when you feel tired and sluggish?

A lot of people were drawn to the concept of a quick energy fix through a simple drink.

You can buy them at different places including grocery stores and gas stations.

Energy drinks may provide a boost of energy but it is known to be temporary.

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Few experience a significant drop in energy levels and crash.

Energy drinks are highly sweetened, caffeinated beverages that are packaged in brightly coloured, slimline containers. Advertised as “enhancing alertness and performance”, energy drinks are regularly promoted alongside extreme sports, video games and youth-centric activities such as lifesaving.

Youth patterns of energy drink consumption are not well-reported.

Amy Peacock has received grants from the NSW Government and National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund, as well as an untied educational grant from Mundiapharma for a post-marketing surveillance study.

She received placebo samples from Red Bull Gmb H for an experimental study in 2011; no financial support was provided and this organisation had no involvement in design, interpretation, or reporting of the work.


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