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Thus Steiner suggests It seems proper that those who create art in a civilization of quasi-barbarism, which has made so many homeless, should themselves be poets unhoused and wanderers across language.Eccentric, aloof, nostalgic, deliberately untimely…. In other ages, exiles had similar cross-cultural and transnational visions, suffered the same frustrations and miseries, performed the same elucidating and critical tasks – brilliantly affirmed, for instance, in E. Carr’s classic study of the nineteenth-century Russian intellectuals clustered around Herzen, But the difference between earlier exiles and those of our own time is, it bears stressing, scale: our age – with its modern warfare, imperialism and the quasi-theological ambitions of totalitarian rulers – is indeed the age of the refugee, the displaced person, mass immigration.The pieces being more of memories of a time when Palestinians could be who they are, not a scattered and forgotten people.

In the United States, academic, intellectual and aesthetic thought is what it is today because of refugees from Fascism, Communism and other regimes given to the oppression and expulsion of dissidents.

The critic George Steiner has even proposed the perceptive thesis that a whole genre of twentieth-century Western literature is ‘extraterritorial’, a literature by and about exiles, symbolizing the age of the refugee.

But if true exile is a condition of terminal loss, why has it been transformed so easily into a potent, even enriching, motif of modern culture?

We have become accustomed to thinking of the modern period itself as spiritually orphaned and alienated, the age of anxiety and estrangement.

Cromer's words reflect the concepts introduced by Said.

Edward Said Essay

He said that he knew the Orient and Orientals better than they knew themselves.

This idea of knowledge leads to another definition of Orientalism that Said proposes.

Said also explains that Orientalism is the study and knowledge of everything Orient.

One quote that expresses this concept is the following: Orientalism is knowledge of the Orient that places things Oriental in class, court, prison or manual for scrutiny, study, judgment, discipline or government.

(p 41) This goes along with Cromer's justifications as to why Europe is involved with the Orient.


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