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Growing up during World War I subjected Geisel to anti-German sentiment, isolating him from society.He used the power of imagination to produce unforgettable children’s books and helped solve the problem of illiteracy among America’s children.By using his experiences in life as a foundation for most of his books, Theodor Geisel created a unique writing style that incorporated various elements and techniques, enabling his books to appeal to people of all ages.Seuss remains a controversial figure, both in his personal life and his political views. Beauvais, 2015) but remains a compelling way to view the Grinch not as a victim, or even as a queer anti-hero of sorts, but as “a simulacrum of a simulacrum, posing as Saint Nick, as thief, as Satan the “old liar” (the narrator tells us), and as parent” (p. These are only a few of the articles, books, blogs, and so on, that critically engage with Dr Seuss as an author and phenomenon, or a symptom of the problems of representation.Seuss has been understood to represent a left-wing, anti-fascist and anti-racist agenda in his professional life. Philip Nel’s important work focuses on Seuss as part of a wider study of racist children’s literature. By understanding the breadth of ways that Seuss’ work has been explored in children’s literature studies, we are reminded of the ongoing need to robustly interrogate what we take for granted about children’s literature and its scholarship.This article explores how adult writers of children’s literature are implicitly positioned as translators between “adult” and “child” culture.Adopting the lens of metaphor theory, it traces the conceptual correspondence between adult metaphors of childhood (e.g., the child-savage analogy) and the metaphor of the adult translator of childhood.In this respect, the work of Dr Seuss shares common ground with – for one example – the contemporary manifestation of digital blackface in online visual culture. The effect of this is that each case study of Seuss’ work provides a primer in different aspects of contemporary and canonical philosophical thought, rather than elucidating the texts themselves. Finally, for some food for thought for research angles on Seuss or other authors, here are a few different directions that Seuss studies have taken: Held J. In examining the partially structured nature of these metaphoric representations of “child culture,” it contends that translation theory, like postcolonial theory, provides a useful critical framework for exploring the power dynamics inherent to children’s literature and the conceptual system that underlies it.Specifically, it argues that different models of translation (i.e., “domesticating” and “foreignizing” translation) are a productive lens through which to examine adult authors’ approaches to writing for children.


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