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They have done this because all those other activities had external deadlines that day, while their dissertation could be pushed off until tomorrow, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, summer, next year ….

This is a great time to ask what type of accountability structure would help your students to prioritize at least 30 minutes of daily dissertation writing above all the other things clamoring for their attention.

Dear Frustrated, I understand how difficult it can be to want your graduate students to succeed but not know how to support their productivity.

Having just spent the past 12 weeks working with 150 dissertation writers, I know one thing for sure: there’s often a large, unspoken disconnect between faculty advisers and graduate students when it comes to writing a dissertation. Because of that disconnect, advisers’ efforts don’t meet students where they are stuck, and the students’ impostor syndrome can be so intense (and the power differential so great) that it keeps them from asking for the type of help they need.

Many graduate students I’ve worked with have made a common error.

They have prioritized all of the work that had built-in accountability -- teaching, service, research tasks for their adviser and job applications -- to the exclusion of the one activity that will lead to their completion of the dissertation: writing.

But before any of that can occur, they have to put words on a page. President, National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity P.

Figuring out what’s keeping them from doing so is your first point of intervention.

And even if your campus does not offer such services, plenty of online dissertation-writing communities can provide supportive accountability for your students to write every day.

Ultimately, I want you, as an adviser, to be able to get your students producing work so that you can have the conversations about their dissertation research that you would like to have, and are distinctly positioned to have, with them.


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