Dissertation On Employee Motivation

Dissertation On Employee Motivation-76
For this particular research there are lots of Academics books, Journals Articles, Electronic Articles published on the Internet which provides extensive information.

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But it is also important to understand that while pursuing research reviewing the available literature is an important step which should be followed.

“Reviewing the Literature on a topic can be one of the most rewarding – and one of the most frustrating – of research tasks.

Academic books given below provides information about Content theories which mention theories developed by Maslow, Hertzberg, Mc.

Clelland, Aldefer and Process motivational theories like Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory, Goal Theory and Attribution Theory. “Strategic Human Resource Management”, by Mabey, C. Apart from the above mentioned books, Journals article could be referred. Mitchell “Motivation: New Directions for Theory, Research and Practice” explains major theories of motivation concerned with the arousal and choice of behaviour, problems of implementation and directions for future research are suggested.

“Management and Organisational Behaviour” and “Managing People in the Hospitality Industry” by L. For the third objective which is to establish the growing use of reward and recognition and other methods like incentives as different ways of motivating employees, again mix and match of Primary and Secondary data would be referred.

“Human Resource Management” by Torrington, D., Hall, L and Taylor, S. Following Books and Journals examine the use of reward and recognition and incentives as useful techniques.

For achieving this objective, Academics books would be the best assets to use.

There are many books on the topic of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour which provide extensive knowledge about Motivational theories and there importance.

“Employee motivation and customer satisfaction fuel each other in a chain reaction of contagious enthusiasm”.

For any research to be carried out efficiently and effectively, it’s really important to jot down the main aims and objectives.


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