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This page deals with the central part of the thesis, where you present the data that forms the basis of your investigation, shaped by the way you have thought about it.In other words, you tell your readers the story that has emerged from your findings.For others, the data already exists (in the form of archival documents or literary texts, for example), and the work of interpreting it begins much earlier in the research process.

Ideally, you will have written them down as they came to you.

Now you have to convert that mass of material and ideas into a written text that will make sense to a reader, and do justice to your findings.

Make sure you show relevant tables and figures after they are mentioned in the text.

At the beginning of the results section, explain any missing data or problems with collecting the data, then explain the main result and address your hypothesis.

Hence you need to work out what the key results are.

So, seeing as the actual analysis of data takes place prior to the written thesis, you need to tell the reader what you have done by reporting on the analysis process.

If for example you conducted a survey you would present the data according to the questions that you asked.

Essentially, you need to think about how to organise the data so that your reader can process them in clear and digestible chunks.

The results need to be written in a particular way.

At this stage your focus should be descriptive, on describing your main findings.


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