Disadvantages Of Parliamentary System Essays

Executive power is more spread out among Cabinet ministers unlike in the presidential system where power is focused in the President.The head of government (prime ministers or chancellors) are rarely as important as a ruling president and policies are formed through Cabinet discussions and approval.

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This is not true in a president system were power is centred on one person, the president....

There has been much argument amongst political academics concerning the virtues and failures of both parliamentary and presidential systems.

For example due to opposing parties between houses of Congress, the US had not pass a budget in four years where as Japan’s Diet passed a reconstruction bill within a month after the 2011 tsunami.

Secondly, government policies are based more on consensus.

Under the Westminster model, parliament is considered the highest organ of state.

Ministers are accountable and responsible to parliament which directly represents the people.Like all forms of government, there are advantages and disadvantages which shall be discussed below.As mentioned above, this system has many advantages.For example in the Netherlands, the prime minister is only considered primus inter pares within their cabinet and all members share equal status.Thirdly, there exists greater executive accountability within a parliamentary system.Question period is held every day in each parliamentary session in the United Kingdom (UK).Furthermore, the parliamentary system has proven to provide greater stability for racially and ethnically or ideological diverse nations.Presidents are also forced to serve a fixed term in office, unlike a legislative cabinet, which has an ambiguous duration.While these are the two basic models of governance, this essay will also examine hybrid models, often referred to as 'semi-presidential systems', or 'presidential-parliamentary systems' .Firstly and most importantly, it is easier and faster to pass legislation compared to the presidential system which leads to a smoother governance.Usually a bill becomes law within a single session of parliament.


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