Definition Of Argument In Critical Thinking

It is useful to look at the term “argument” in a new way.

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They wish to share their discoveries and get feedback on their ideas.

When historians put forth an argument, they do so often while building on the arguments of other historians who came before them.

Try not to be confused when professors call both the thesis and topic sentences arguments.

They are not wrong because arguments come in different forms; some claims are broad enough to be broken down into a number of supporting arguments.

Not surprisingly, then, argument dominates writing, and training in argument writing is essential for all college students. If rhetoric is the study of the craft of writing and speaking, particularly writing or speaking designed to convince and persuade, the student studying rhetorical argument focuses on how to create an argument that convinces and persuades effectively.

This chapter will explore how to define argument, how to talk about argument, how logic works in argument, the main argument types, and a list of logical fallacies. To that end, the student must understand how to think broadly about argument, the particular vocabulary of argument, and the logic of argument.

A politician will want to make the most persuasive case for his side, but he should also be mindful of data that may support his points. Before moving to the specific parts and vocabulary of argument, it will be helpful to consider some further ideas about what argument is and what it is not. Controversy or Fight Consumers of written texts are often tempted to divide writing into two categories: argumentative and non-argumentative.

According to this view, to be argumentative, writing must have the following qualities: It has to defend a position in a debate between two or more opposing sides, it must be on a controversial topic, and the goal of such writing must be to prove the correctness of one point of view over another.

For college essays, there is no essential difference between an argument and a thesis; most professors use these terms interchangeably. The main claim of an essay is the point of the essay and provides the purpose for the essay.

Thus, the main claim of an essay is also the thesis.


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