Critical Thinking Competency

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However, Critical Thinking is not a competency that is extremely difficult to master.It is difficult to separate reasoning from thinking and hence, this is the best context to introduce the three reasoning types: Deductive, Inductive and Abductive.

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Deductive reasoning starts with the assertion of a general rule and ends up in a guaranteed specific conclusion.

Inductive reasoning begins with observations that are specific and ends up with a conclusion that is likely but not certain.

The researcher employs different methods to collect data, analyze it and arrive at the solution that addresses user needs and expectations.

One of the most important competencies that a researcher must have in order to arrive at an optimum solution is the ability to critically think and analyze.

However, we wouldn’t want to generalize this at this moment but would suggest that proceeding with abductive reasoning saves a lot of time and effort if that is the objective.

Critical Thinking, when coupled with the types of reasoning above, can generate magical results.It is more and more evident that Critical Thinking, even though not given its due importance in organizations, is a critical competency that cannot be undermined.Critical Thinking is an important component that comes into play at every stage of the design thinking process.Abductive reasoning starts with an incomplete set of observations and ends up with a most likely explanation.It is believed that design, in general, is an activity that can complement abductive reasoning; that it is not very essential in the process of design to come up with deductive or inductive reasoning.Critical Thinking is a competency and method that is applicable to all projects irrespective of the type of solution expected.Too much thinking can also be detrimental to a project.Here, Critical Thinking is a part of every stage of the Design Thinking process.Essentially, effective Design Thinking cannot take place in the absence of critical or creative thinking.Critical Thinking is not just rational and based on a set of logical rules.There is plenty of room for solid creativity to play a significant role in the Critical Thinking process.


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