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The students were extremely enthusiastic about the following: Critical Thinking for Children, Critical Thinking, and How to Study and Learn, in that order.One of my students was especially enthusiastic about Critical Thinking for Children and plans to base her whole curriculum on it.At my school, we have decided to focus on critical thinking.

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I did not formally assess your materials, however, I thought you might be interested to know that I did take them to my critical thinking class.

It is an MA class and most of the students are teachers.

Using three generalized characterizations of kinds of thinkers, the booklet includes such topics as intellectual standards of thinking, inferences, and assumptions.

The information is provided in clear, simple language with black-and-white illustrations.

They can begin to take thinking apart (to focus, for example, on purpose, questions, information, inferences, in thinking).

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They can begin to apply intellectual standards to their thinking (such as clarity, accuracy, relevance, and logicalness).From a young age, children are capable of learning some of the foundational critical thinking concepts and skills.Though they are largely egocentric, children can nevertheless begin to think about how their behavior affects other people. C., teachers are preparing to launch the school year with a lot to think about.The best advice I have for wrapping our heads around the big ideas is to ‘start small’ and choose one area for your school to focus on.Here are my top 10 books for promoting Critical Thinking!– Dori Kleber Learning something new takes practice and patience.The essence of critical thinking concepts and tools written in language accessible to children. It explains basic critical thinking principles to children using cartoon characters.It focuses on the concepts of fairmindedness and selfishness, the elements of reasoning, intellectual standards, and intellectual virtues.In the spirit of "Fairminded Fran," I must say that I think the information provided in these materials is worthwhile, well organized, and visually appealing.Training our minds toward intellectual rigor is a worthwhile endeavor.


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