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It may well be what you’re up against when you start giving a writer honest feedback. You may have heard of the compliment sandwich, a technique for sandwiching criticism between praise. The goal of a critique isn’t to show how much you know; it’s to help the writer expand on his potential.

Even if she’s not outwardly admitting it, the writer may feel like she has no business writing and should give up and make way for the —Neil Gaiman, author Keep the writer’s psyche in mind when you’re preparing your feedback and make sure you acknowledge what they’ve done right as well as what needs improvement. It’s often used by managers when giving their employees feedback, but it’s recognized by many professionals these days as ineffective. The best feedback leaves the writer feeling he’s had an awakening and knows what needs revision to make his writing work.

For example, if you want them to learn how to summarize and respond to primary literature or to present and support an argument, design assignments that explicitly require the skills that are necessary to accomplish these objectives.

2) Sequence your writing assignments to help students acquire skills incrementally, beginning with shorter, simpler writing assignments to longer, more complex papers.

Do you know you want to put pen to paper but not know where to start?

This eight-session online creative writing course will give you an introduction to the basic elements of creative writing, from prose fiction to poetry. The creative writing course will cover: I’ll mention helpful books and other useful resources as we go, which you can buy or borrow from your library – how you get hold of them is up to you, but try to get a look at them.Please note however, this is not a ‘text book’ for this course – it’s just a book I have personally found useful.You do not need to get this book, or for that matter any book to do the course.The following tips can help you improve the effectiveness and efficiency with which you respond to your students’ writing.These tips focus on the process of writing comments on students’ papers (whether on rough drafts or final drafts), rather than on the process of grading papers.Check out some books by your tutor Fiona Veitch Smith …(click on the book covers to find out more) Are you a beginner writer?As a managing editor, I’ve helped writers produce more readable content.I thought I had a knack for giving useful writing feedback.These tips are organized under four categories: Course Planning Writing Comments in the Margins Writing Final Comments What Else Can You Do?Sources and Recommended Reading Before the course begins, think about what kind of writing you will assign, and how you will respond to that writing.


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