Creative Writing Character Development

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A well-developed character has the ability to strengthen not only imagery and dialogue but also the plot itself in most cases.

By better understanding what has gotten a character into his or her critical situation in the first place, the predicament becomes more believable.

A character’s life beyond his or her story matters, and having the insight into that idea makes creative writing all the more real.

The source and exact nature of the curious phenomena we refer to as characters remains something of a mystery, but the craft of characterization is not.

You are creating a life that the character has lived, just like any other real person would.

They may have qualities that resemble the people you know, the person you are, or the person you want to be, but they must be a complete idea before they can convince any reader that they should be listened to and read thoroughly.

We need to draw on the unconscious, memory, the imagination and the Muse until our characters quicken, assume clear form and, with hope, begin to act of their own accord.

Can this process—so inherent to the success of any novel—really be condensed into a single method?

At the start of the story, Blanche has lost her family home and has been left with nowhere to stay.

Desperate, she has come to New Orleans to find her sister, Stella, and ask to be taken in.


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