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Keeping your content relevant is only half the battle.Avoid overly long sentences that leave no opportunity for the recruiter to stop for breath as well.Unless there’s a direct link between your suitability for the vacancy and the information on your cover letter, do not include it.

Keeping your content relevant is only half the battle.

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However, there are a whole lot of other fonts out there that could also harm your chances.

Unless your job is in the fashion or design sectors, it’s best not to get too creative with the style of your cover letter.

After all, it’s the content that you want the recruiter to be focusing on, not how elaborate your text looks.

Generally speaking, it’s advisable to stick to a font that does not have any flamboyant extensions to the characters.

This covers everything from font choice and spacing, to sentence structure and mode of address.

Understanding how to maximise the readability of your cover letter is crucial to its success in getting you on that shortlist! It’s 2018; we all know that nobody is going to take anything written in Comic Sans seriously!

But try not to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Over-familiar greetings like ‘hi’ or ‘hey’ won’t strike the right tone with the person reading it.

Stick to the good old-fashioned ‘Dear [Name]’ at least until you get the job and become besties with your manager.

You should also avoid including irrelevant information.


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