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Maybe it will help to ease the stream of e-mailed inquiries I've been getting.Then, draw tic marks every half-inch along the top and the bottom.

And by that I mean that I have created 16-patch blocks like so: The 16-patch blocks have been pieced using a simple strip set technique which eliminates the need to work with tiny squares; it is quicker and less fiddly, and in turn I find it more accurate.

You will need 4 strips of fabric - 2 solid and 2 printed fabric strips - each fabric strip measuring 8 inches x 1 3/4 inches.

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This 340-page paperboard packaging design handbook includes more than 700 detailed illustrations of carton styles and descriptions of folding carton characteristics.

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Folding an n ×n checkerboard pattern from a square of paper that is white on one side and black on the other has been thought for several years to require a paper square of semiperimeter n 2 [superscript 2].

Indeed, within a restricted class of foldings that match all previous origami models of this flavor, one can prove a lower bound of n 2 [superscript 2](though a matching upper bound was not known).

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Paper weaving and making a checkerboard pattern is an age old craft, often used to make placemats with children. Cut the black paper into one-inch wide strips (note, there will be one extra you will not use).


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