Compare And Contrast Essay On The Odyssey

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Telemachus and Odysseus have parallel, but different journeys, which drastically change them throughout the epic and they are influenced by many different forces, both human and supernatural.

Telemachus matures into a man while Odysseus becomes more wise, and both journey through Greece in search of one another.

Through modern culture, most people are familiar with the whole storyline of The Odyssey.

Odysseus leaves Troy and embarks on an epic journey filled with adventure and fantasy.

The Book of Exodus as well as the entire Bible was writtenin the form of an epic poem.

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Major characteristics of epic poems are thatthere is always a heroic figure.Throughout The Odyssey, Telemachus matures very much so, but in the first four books, there is a definite transition from an immature scared little boy, to the Telemachus has really matured when we hear new logic, sensibility, and authority in his words as he speaks to his mother shortly before the death of the suitors.The Odyssey, Homer, 1980 Oxford University Press, W. 260) It is amazing that by the end Odysseus and his son fight side by side against the suitors.Yet despite the dissimilarities in the meanings and order of their journeys, their paths lead them to similar stops along the way.This seems to leave behind it a sort of generalization, which both Siddhartha and Gandhi came to in their lives; that humans all start on the same plane, that no one is spared being human.During Telemachus’ expedition to search group of friends, you will find that he is a gold-hearted person.Although the movie and the book, both entitled The Outsiders, contain several similarities, they have many differences as well.It is clear at this point that the old Telemachus is gone and all that is there is a new brave, bold and thoughtful Homer's Odyssey introduces us to a wide variety of characters.Two of the younger characters are Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, and Nausikaa, the daughter of King Alkinoos.Almost all adolescents must make a transition from childhood to young adult and in doing so they In 1993, Chechnya declared independence from Russia and has since fought for their independence from Russia (Vendina, Belozerov, and Gustafson, “The Wars in Chechnya nd Their Effects on Neighboring Regions,” p. Many critics cite ethnic separatism or economic independence as the reason for the passionate Chechen secessionist movement, but political pressure from radical supporters of Chechen leaders is probably a more accurate explanation Odysseus of the Odyssey and Moses of Exodus The Book of Exodus is considered to be an epic poem as bydefinition.An epic poem as defined by Funk and Wagnalls is a poemcelebrating in stately, formal verse the achievements of heroes, gods, anddemigods (426).


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