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Individuals with low or no vision cannot participate fully of astronomical discoveries if visual media is the primary communication mechanism.This paper describes progress made through technological developments in tactile 3D models using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to improve access to data.

Individuals with low or no vision cannot participate fully of astronomical discoveries if visual media is the primary communication mechanism.This paper describes progress made through technological developments in tactile 3D models using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory to improve access to data.

The journal seeks to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of communication and media studies and welcomes articles in all areas of communication and the media including, but not limited to, mass communication, mass media channels, traditional communication, organizational communication, interpersonal communication, development communication, public relations, advertising, information communication technologies, the Internet and computer-mediated communication.

Guidelines for submitting manuscripts for publication Authors should email their manuscripts as an attachment to Albert Tibaijuka at email:[email protected] .

This issue aims to provide a platform for researchers to address communication at the intersection of science and politics from different angles, and to reduce the contingency of science-policy communication in its various dimensions while spurring investigations into the science-policy interface.

By exploring motives that drive #scicomm, we point out that political motives are the major driving force behind most #scicomm programmes, with the result that educational and promotional objectives are blurred and science communication activities are rarely evaluated meaningfully. The ethics of science communication The potential of comics in science communication Science communication as a field of research: identifying trends, challenges and gaps by analysing research papers The necessary "GMO" denialism and scientific consensus Science Communication Postgraduate Studies in Latin America: a map and some food for thought Vaccination communication strategies: What have we learned, and lost, in 200 years?

Accepted papers (both full papers and research notes) will be published in a volume by Springer.

Submissions Go on Easychair platform to submit your paper. ABOUT ACR African Communication Research is a peer-reviewed publication published three times a year: May, September and December.ACR is a service of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communications at St.At a time when science is perceived to be under attack and our planet is facing severe challenges, the role of science journalism in taking on these challenges was a key theme of the 11th World Conference of Science Journalists.But, while policymakers and science leaders are urging journalists to help restore public trust... 15] says: “In the post-truth era we don't just have truth or lies but a third category of ambiguous statements that are not exactly the truth but fall short of a lie”.Augustine University of Tanzania, for communication researchers of Africa.The journal has been publishing since 2008 and selected numbers can be viewed at the following URL: an open access journal, ACR is hosted by the UNESCO Chair of Communication based at the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal, Durban.Fiction is often credited with shaping public attitudes to science, but little science communication research has studied fans' deep engagement with a science-themed fiction text.This study used a survey to investigate the impacts of television series ‘Doctor Who’ (1963–89; 2005–present) on its viewers' attitudes to science...Final acceptance will depend on whether the author(s) can adequately address review comments to the satisfaction of the reviewers.CSF Award for the best presentation During the conference, a price of 500.- CHF will be awarded to the best scientific oral presentation.


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