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This process requires three components the sender, the receiver and the message.Communication would not be possible if any of these components are absent.VERBAL COMMUNICATION Verbal communication comes in the form of spoken language; it can be formal or informal in its delivery.

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Lack of using therapeutic communication by a nurse or nursing student while providing patient care may lead the patient to feel unattended to, or that they are not able to trust the nurse to provide them with quality care.All behaviour has a message and communication is a process which individuals cannot avoid being involved with (Ellis et al 1995). In nursing practice, communication is essential, and good communication skills are paramount in the development of a therapeutic nurse/patient relationship. Reflecting on communication in practice will also enforce the theory behind communication and allow a nurse to look at bad and good communication in different situations.This will then enforce the use of good communication techniques in a variety of situations allowing for a more interpersonal and therapeutic nurse patient relationship.Therapeutic Communication Communication is the process of conveying information to each another using words, actions, or by writing the information down to be read by another person.Communication is something that most people do at some point each day, and is an important part of life especially in a working environment.“Nurses need to recognize and acknowledge the emotional burden and individual concerns of the patients. Canadian Journal of Communication, Vol 32 401-415 Jansen, J., van Weert, J., de Groot, J., van Dulmen, S., Heeren, T. Contributing factors that perpetuate ineffective patient-provider communication include the lack of a systematic method for nursing assessment, evaluation, and monitoring of patient-provider communication needs and interventions and a lack of standardized training of healthcare providers” (Patak, 2009, p. The authors have thoroughly reviewed research conducted on effectiveness of nurse communication with their colleagues with complex communication needs. This reflective account will involve a description the incident, an analysis of thoughts and feelings and an evaluation of what has occurred. The History of Public Health and Health Movements London: Sage Weller, B.


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