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Commercialization makes sure that students reach their full potential.Also, commercialization would lead to competition among the “bringers of education” which would lead to a simple market correction thus bringing down the price.Higher institutions nowadays see imparting knowledge as a means for economics ends(returns).

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Over the past two decades, business leaders have gradually instituted commercial logics and practices across the educational landscape for the purposes of making a profit, attracting a generation of loyal customers, and creating a positive image of the corporate involvement in social affairs.

The commercial involvement in schooling has had a profound influence on how educators, students, and the general public view the purpose of schooling, on the state’s role in relationship to its citizens and institutions, and on the nature of life inside classrooms.

This adds to the notion that students are consumers of a service for a very specific apparent purpose which is to gain access to a well-paying job hence, attain a high standard of living.

Furthermore, knowledge should be imparted in those who finds it based on freewill to promote the level of education in a society rather than being used as a way of exploiting students by commercializing education to earn economic return as it is done nowadays.

In a utopian world, there would be a balance between public and private schools, with public schools not being too shoddy and private schools not being too expensive.

A few steps towards this goal would be increasing government funding of schools, adopting policies that ensure free and fair competition among parties that ply the trade of education and ensuring that the sector doesn’t get overly commercialized.

First of all, it allows for more money to flow into the sector.

Government funding of public schools and colleges is abysmally low internationally and the standard of education isn’t very high to begin with.

Manmohan Singh to less educated but intelligent people like Bill Gates and Narendra Modi, everyone advocates for better education facilities, for they believe education is the pillar of a healthy and sound society.

In the modern context, much of education has been handed to private players who charge exorbitant fees to educate young students.


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