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If you want to start a Clothing Store business or expand your current Clothing Store, you need a business plan. The following Clothing Store business plan template gives you the key elements to include in a winning Clothing Store business plan. DISCLAIMER: The business plans, templates, and articles contained on are not to be considered as legal advice.

If you want to start a Clothing Store business or expand your current Clothing Store, you need a business plan.

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And how a business plan can help your online boutique?

The short answer is NO, no one is going to hold you to have a business plan but……No matter how small online boutique you intend to create, you shouldn’t do it without a business plan.

• How many people to hire • Who will manage the website on daily basis • Website designing • Website layout • Web content • Website updates and upgrade • Email responses • Email formats This is just a basic format/template of a simple business plan for an online boutique.

You can delete or add any new section s or chapters.

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So you have decided to start your own online clothing store.A business plan is a comprehensively written detail of the business.There is no set pattern for writing and documenting a business plan.It’s no surprise why: with online clothing stores being a multi-billion-a-year industry, it’s by far one of the most popular e Commerce niches.With sales expected to reach 3 billion by 2022 and emerging worldwide middle classes with disposable income, there is a lot of potential business to cash in on.Below are links to each of the key sections of your Clothing Store business plan: I. If you are planning to start a new clothing business, the first thing you will need is a business plan.It can be a simple one-page business plan or it could consist of 30 pages. Everyone always asks for your small-sized online boutique I really need a plan?It’s just me and I and I know what I want to do so why create one?• Boutique name • Mission statement • Goals and objectives • Business philosophy • Your target market • Your major competitors • The major strengths and weaknesses of your online boutique • Details about the owner(s) • Product pictures- here are some great product photo tips • Videos • Product specification • Product features • Product quality • Product price • Fees • Buying structure • Selling structure • Delivery channels • Product production/product leasing/product buying • Product location • Warehousing details • Website • Payment processing • Order processing • Shipping • Website updating • Quality control • Employees • Employee salaries • Inventory details • Supplier details • Credit details (selling) • Accounts receivable • Secondary market research • Primary market research • Market size • Market demand • What products to market • Who are the customers • Customer details • Customer demographics • Competition details • Competitor strengths and weaknesses • Marketing strategy • Marketing budget • Marketing tools • Promotional tools and methods • Advertising methods • Geographical details • Sales estimation • Personal finance • Initial investment • Capital • Start-up cost and expenses • Breakeven point • Financial plan • First year’s estimated profit and loss statement • Projected cash flow statement for the first year (how much do you want to make) • Balance sheet (day-to-day) You can find information on the cost of starting a boutique here.• What ecommerce platform to use- check out my recommendation for building websites here.


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