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The 1982 Constitution of China provides for a unique method for the appointment of the Premier.The President of the People’s Republic of China suggests the name for the office of the Premier.He guides, directs, coordinates and controls the working of all the ministries and commissions.(5) As head of the real government (State Council) and the real executive, the Premier plays an active role in formulating the policies of the state.

The National People’s Congress has the power to remove the Premier before the expiry of his term.

In practice, such a decision is always made by the top leaders of the Communist Party of China.

The law dictates that each family should legally have only one child.

It should also be noted that the strain that the increasing young population posed to the existing structures could have been another reason for the implementation of The author also gives a discussion on the critics and proponents of the One-Child Policy in China.

State Council as the executive and highest organ of State power, ant the Premier as the powerful head of the State Council.

The State Council bears the imprint of the ideas, views and personality of the Premier.

The Chinese Premier performs several important functions in the Chinese constitutional system which makes his position a pivotal one.

The account of his powers and functions is as follows: (1) It is upon the recommendations of the Premier that the National People’s Congress, or the Standing Committee in the absence of the NPC, appoints the Vice-Premiers, State Councilors, Ministers and the Secretary General of the State Council.(2) The Premier heads the State Council.

To sum up, we can say that whereas the Indian and British Prime Ministers are powerful largely because of their pivotal constitutional positions, the Chinese Premier is powerful largely because of his powerful position in the Communist Party.

The Chinese Premier is the most important person in the State Council and one of the two or three most powerful communist leaders of the Chinese political system.


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