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"In comparing 1992 with 2008, two emerging trends are striking: among millennials (under 29 years old), women are just as likely as men to want jobs with greater responsibility," the report said."Today, there is no difference between young women with and without children in their desire to move to jobs with more responsibility." About 42 percent of men and 39 percent of women agreed with the statement that it's better for everyone "if the man earns the money and the woman takes care of the home and children." That's down from 74 percent of men and 52 percent of women who supported traditional gender roles in 1977.Writing a college/university gender research paper, you are expected to meet certain structural requirements not only concerning the number of pages.

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A gender roles essay is a piece of writing where a student is expected to describe his/her understanding of gender roles that are specific to males and females.

Both school and college teachers assign students to write this kind of paper to check how the modern generation treats the set of social and behavioral norms set by the generation of our ancestors. If one is writing an essay on this topic, it is necessary to research how the set norms have changed in your society compared to other cultures.

Before getting started with the gender roles paper, you need to have a clear picture of what a gender is.

Most students mistakenly think that sex and gender have the same meaning. The term “sex” refers to the biological features of a person while the gender means the role, which a person plays in a specific society.

The topic of gender roles is broad and you need to choose an aspect for the deeper gender role research.

Focus on the chosen problem writing a gender roles paper consisting of an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. A gender roles paper is a work about the problem of gender discrimination you should consider from different angles. Express your own thoughts on gender roles defined by the society the very 1-st day a girl/a boy is born.In your work, you are supposed to tell about influences on the traditional attitudes to women (girls) /men (boys) in different cultures, society, at home as they may vary.The major task of a student is to draw attention to the period of time when females didn’t have equal rights as males. Show that now the situation has improved but still one can witness discrimination of women at workplace, educational establishments, etc. You need to conduct social research based on interesting historical facts about a man’s life, his behavior and attitudes towards the woman playing different gender roles: the mother, wife, daughter.A teacher asks to write a gender roles paper expecting you to provide in-depth analysis of gender roles considering the economic, cultural, social sphere.Conduct research on gender roles giving sufficient evidence to prove your standpoint.In 1992, the survey found 80 percent of men under 29 years of age wanted jobs with more responsibility, compared to 72 percent of young women.The desire for more responsibility decreased for both genders in the 1997 survey (to 61 percent for men and 54 percent for women), and then went up in 2002 to 66 percent for men and 56 percent for women.The topic of male/female gender roles has been discussed all over the world.It is still one of the most actual topics nowadays.Wives see it slightly differently though with only 25 percent saying men do at least half, up from 15 percent in 1992.As for house cleaning, there's an even greater difference of perception about who does the work.


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