Cattle Feedlots Business Plan

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Beef cattle fattening a a very profitable business to start in South Africa.

First off let’s just familiarise ourselves with what beef cattle pen fattening is.

Many farmers are now considering starting or growing an operation in order to bring in the next generation or to simply take advantage of the large supply of distillers grains from ethanol production, he said.

“With important investments such as this, it is important that they plan carefully and do not do something they will regret later,” Lawrence said.

Discuss these questions with your family and employees. What are your objectives, and do family members and employees agree? Include consultants in nutrition, animal health, marketing, engineering, financing, etc. • Do you have a plan to “market” your idea to neighbors and community members?

• Are you personally committed to feeding cattle long enough to justify an investment in facilities (i.e., for the next 10 years)? • Do you have, or can you hire, the labor to feed more cattle?

In case you’re wondering how you can start such a cattle fattening farming business then kindly read along.

This article will outline how to start a beef cattle fattening business in South Africa, and the beef cattle fattening business plan – PDF, Word and Excel.

• Does the site already have, or can it economically obtain, sufficient: Electrical supply? • In regard to an open feedlot, does the site have: South-facing exposure for winter feeding?

Water supply (ponds, wells, rural water) for up to 20 gallons per-head per-day? Slopes of 2-8 percent to provide good pen drainage?


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