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Later Mc Watt playfully buzzes the beach in his plane and accidentally slices Kid Sampson in half; he then deliberately crashes his plane into a mountain.Because Doc Daneeka was falsely listed on Mc Watt’s manifest, it is assumed that he also died, and he is thereafter unable to convince anyone, including his wife, that he remains alive.The term exhibits a bewildering chronology, with its beginning taking place more than halfway through the events described, and it proceeds in a series of looping flashbacks.

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He therefore spends much of the book concocting ever more inventive ways of escaping his missions.

involves a mysterious Army Air Forces regulation which asserts that a man is considered insane if he willingly continues to fly dangerous combat missions but that if he makes the necessary formal request to be relieved of such missions, the very act of making the request proves that he is sane and therefore ineligible to be relieved.

While there he and airman Dunbar take on the identities of other patients.

After putting his hand up Nurse Duckett’s skirt, Yossarian is sent to the hospital psychiatrist, who concludes that he is crazy and should go home.

Later Yossarian fakes an illness in order to take refuge in the hospital, a tactic he uses frequently to avoid combat.

During a mission to Leghorn, Italy, Yossarian suffers a leg wound that results in his being hospitalized again.

Facing possible court-martial, Yossarian is offered a deal by Korn and Cathcart.

They will promote him to major and send him home if he pretends to be friends with the two officers and shows support for their policies.

In an attempt to cancel a dangerous raid on Bologna, Italy, Yossarian convinces Colonel Korn that the enemy has a weapon that can glue a formation of planes together in midflight.

Although the mission is eventually approved, Yossarian, flying with pilot Kid Sampson and copilot Nately, pretends that the intercom is broken in order to force them back to base early. On another raid Yossarian’s plane is hit, largely due to the incompetence of the navigator, Aarfy, but it lands safely.


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