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Sam tested recipes for a wide variety of beer styles, including red’s, American Pale Ale’s, Porters, IPAs and continued to refine them for years as an avid home brewer.As Sam got more serious and worked to refine the recipes, most of the beer would be given away to friends and family members that were eager to sample the latest style.

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With the cash finally in hand start the brewery, it was game on and time to begin evaluating locations and completing the regulatory steps needed to legally start this type of business.

Selecting the right location of your brewery is one of the most important factors that can determine the success of failure.

After a few discouraging meetings with banks, Sam realized that unless he was able to acquire a substantial downpayment of money there wouldn’t be a way to get a loan from a traditional bank.

In most cases, banks will want some form of collateral like a house or automobile that they can take in the event you aren’t able to repay the debt.

So either we’re going to work this out and do it or I should just quit all together because it’s emotionally draining now to go brew and think that I could have been there [owning a brewery].

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– Sam Coor on being at a crossroads whether or not to move forward with the business.

Eventually, people started to compliment how good the beer had become.

Sam got to the point where there was a waiting list of people that wanted to receive and try future batches that were brewed.

Worst case scenario, Sam and his wife determined that in the event the business failed they could support making payments on the house. This action is viewed as unfathomable by some, but it was a strategic bet they were willing to make in an effort to achieve a longtime goal of owning an independent micro-brewery.

They are not the first or last business to be funded in this way.


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