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Business Environment Assignment-43
So it makes consumers to satisfactory because Customer expects tea for affordable price and the quality for the money they pay.

So it makes consumers to satisfactory because Customer expects tea for affordable price and the quality for the money they pay.

The company has reputation as one of the largest and best mid grown Tea factories in the Central region. The Ancoombra tea factory Produce black tea of the finest Aroma & flavor to cater to many different categories of consumers all over the island. The 5’S’ and 2 Star awards for best maintenance, the H. Partnership  Two or More persons associated  One stage beyond the sole trader  Each Partner Contributed an agreed amount of capital  Agreed method of profit sharing, salaries & interest  Must be dissolved whenever more than 50% of the partnership interest change hands Example: Apparel industry of Sri Lanka 3.The factory is aided and abetted with the latest state of the art machinery and is one of the few factories nationwide that takes pride in having fully Automated Orthodox tea processing systems as well as the C. Public Limited Company  Listed in the Stock market & name should be include letters PLC  Owned by a wide range of investors Example: John Keels, ODEL, Dialog 4.Private Limited Company  Shares are only transferable directly  No Privilege to sell shares in the stock market  Name Should be included Ltd, or Limited  Owned by Limited Number of investors Example: Atlas, MAS Holdings BM K 23 10 Business Environment Individual Assignment Ancoombra Tea factory Can Classify Ancoombra Tea factory into 3 categories 1. Size –  Large Business  Have branches in Hatale, Nagala in Sri Lanka  Large Number of Employees and Staff 3.Ancoombra Tea Factory mainly considers on customer satisfaction of the products and won many awards.The main responsibility of the organizations is on Social, Environmental, Managerial, and Employee.Business Environment Individual Assignment BTEC EDEXCEL HND DIPLOMA IN (MANAGEMENT & HUMAN RESOURCE) OFFERED BY INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY Ancoombra Tea Factory Unit 1: Business Environment F. Mohamed Firnaz BM K 23 ICBT Kandy Campus Assessor: Mrs.Lasanthi Gunasekara Submission: 08/08/2012 BM K 23 1 Business Environment Individual Assignment Acknowledgement  I would like to thank Ancoombra Tea Factory Proprietor Mr.  Also I would like to thank all my friends and classmate who supported me in different way to complete the Assignment successfully.UK Competition Policy and pillars of it and the impact on Competition Policy on the Tea factory.International Trade and its impacts on the tea business in UK and how the European Union Policies effect the business.Entry and Exit Barriers –  Barriers for tea factories, plantation, distributors and packages and consumers 5.Degree of Rivalry  There are varieties of tea available in market and almost all the same in quality wise so if another company reduces the price consumer will switch it to other substitute because switching cost is low. P health certification for maintaining the most hygienic standards of tea production.


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