Blood Bank Thesis

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The reality that blood demand outstrips supply has led to the question of whether current blood donation service across the country is effective enough for donor recruitment.

We have achieved significant scientific progress in the domain of blood donation knowledge.

Even though we have seen extraordinary advances in medical science and related technology over the last several decades, clinical practices have been determined based on the balance between the benefits and related risks of intervention.

They found that a restrictive transfusion strategy was significantly associated with reduced mortality in younger patients and in those with less severe conditions.

Although several debates are currently ongoing, most physicians now agree that a restrictive strategy to limit RBC transfusion is a valuable approach in the treatment of stable patients with anemia.

However, we need to be cautious when interpreting the results of the Canadian study as it indicated some exceptions.

However, the donation service experience has not changed for over fifty years ever since the opening of the first blood bank.

The key problem is how blood donation service could be accessible for more people so as to increase the percentage of donors in the population.

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