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Since you will be taking down opponents using a combination of speed and precision, optics with increased magnification are frowned upon.

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You can track progress on these assignments and more at RAIDINGPrerequisite: Rank 10- Get a kill with the bombing raid See achievement solutions for 'Death From Above'EYES IN THE SKYPrerequisite: Rank 10- Air Superiority ribbon x1- Jet Fighter ribbon x3Winning a round of Air Superiority will happen eventually, then it's best to stick to this mode for the ribbons, which will require 5 kills with a jet in a round each.

NEED ONLY ONEPrerequisite: Rank 10- Sniper ribbon x3- In a round: a kill with a shotgun, a kill with a DMR, and a kill with C4.

You must get the Sniper ribbons before working on the single-round part; you'll need six kills in a single round to obtain a Sniper ribbon. Once you've done this, the DMR/shotgun/C4 kills should be pretty simple to pull off, but with one caveat: the C4 kill must be on infantry, not a manned vehicle.

Don't worry, you can get a Suppressor very quickly and the Iron Sights are fairly easy on the eyes. To see the full breakdown of the MP7 PDW, check out our video below.

If you have a weapon, gadget or piece of equipment that you would like us to profile, let us know in the comments.

Completing this assignment will unlock the Air Burst attachment for the UCAV.

Bomber has a 90 second cooldown, so as soon as someone hops out of it, start counting and time it appropriately.

Try to find a guy who doesn't know you're there, and instead of stabbing him, charge the defibrillator unit for 2 seconds and let him have it.

MAKE A DENTPrerequisite: Rank 10- Destroy an air vehicle with portable AA- Anti-Vehicle ribbon x3The Stinger or Igla are the easiest AA rocket launchers to take down enemy aircraft.


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