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If you can compare formulas or terms or shapes to problems you've solved before, it's a good bet that the strategy you used to solve them last time will help again now.: A big complicated problem is often just several small and simple questions stuck together.See if there are pieces you can pull out to work on separately.Whether the path to a solution is obvious or not, there's a reliable series of steps that will help take you in the right direction:: Figure out both where you are and where you need to go before you start working.

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Where do you even begin when you're faced with a statement bursting with addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, exponents, radicals, parentheses, and brackets? It specifies the order in which to perform the operations in an expression or equation.

Just like the properties of real numbers apply in both arithmetic and algebra, so does the order operations.

Maybe you broke up the problem without realizing it, and this answer will lead to other answers and eventually to the right answer.

Did you get stuck partway through because you didn't have enough information?

The arrangement of numbers and variables in algebraic expressions works like that too.

Some situations allow us to switch values and operations around.Maybe you don't know how to find all the variables all at once, but you might be able to figure them out one at a time. Sometimes a verbal description or an equation don't really speak to you.Once you solve the easy parts, those answers can help you get the rest of the way. A quick sketch or a careful graph can sometimes make relationships clear in a way that words or numbers don't.A chart, table, or diagram might spark a fresh understanding of the situation.When you create a visual representation of a problem, you give yourself a whole new way to look for answers.Equality, as represented by the equals symbol, tells us that the two sides of an algebraic expression have the same value.Equality has several properties that are useful in solving algebraic a powerful tool for solving problems and gaining knowledge. As you proceed, don't be surprised or discouraged to encounter ideas and situations that confuse you.After all, the world is big and complicated, so it's going to take more than simple math to figure it out.And if we all go through the same sequence of operations when we solve or simplify an equation, we should all end up with the same answer.Algebra problems are easier to understand and to solve when you establish a strategy for working with them. The same properties of real numbers and the order of operations that worked when you only had numbers to think about also apply to equations with variables. Algebra problems have answers, and you can find them.


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