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With us you will never go through to a call centre or end up speaking to a machine, our senior travel specialists are available 24/7 to assist you with any request.

He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so.

The trip was flawless, everything was exceptional from the accommodation to the food to the ski-hire…

This means your customers will be liaising with contacts who have experience in similar cases, knowledge of their specific industry or have managed cases just like theirs.

This creates a better overall customer service and increases the probability that your customers expectations will be met.

It gives them greater confidence in the brand and also gives them greater assurance that their query or requests will be dealt with.

When defining unique assignment rules for each assignment group, you are essentially mapping your incoming leads to go to the most qualified team in the organisation.One of the key pieces of functionality we hear Salesforce users become frustrated with is assignment groups.All users can create and manager their own personal groups but only Salesforce administrators can create public groups to be used across the team.There are many different possible examples of assignment groups, some of the more popular ones we come across are: Ultimately there could be many more assignment groups that are relevant for your business, but by simply creating them – you enable yourself to be able to define assignment rules for each of the assignment groups.Giving you much more control and a more sophisticated way of managing your workflows.As I have been fortunate enough that the hard work has qualified me for last few trips I can tell you that they are always better than the last one and well appreciated and enjoyed!Hi Jonny, Meegs, Gill & Candice, Just a quick note to say well done on organising another incredible incentive trip. Heather and I had an amazing time and really appreciate all the effort that you all put in to ensuring that everyone was well looked after Dear Jonathan, Gill and the rest of the Super Duper Superlatives team, I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for the most amazing Incentive trip.There are a whole range of benefits of routing leads through to assignment groups, rather than treating every assignment user in the same way.Additionally, by using third party applications from the App Exchange you will also find that there is lots more functionality that can be added to the standard Salesforce possibilities.A lot of businesses want more control & flexibility than that, particularly if they have a whole multitude of different assignment groups setup for different purposes.Assignment groups are an easy concept to grasp, whilst everyone in your team is crucial – users do have different skills, job roles and characteristics.


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