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Increasingly, though, people not only feel they have a right to free parking, but also a right to exclude others from parking on a public street in front of their house or apartment.

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It’s likely that many who chose to live in areas with such situations may have, ironically, done so because they like the walkability of the neighborhood.

Though many could have chosen to live in a building with no assigned spots out of financial necessity as apartments with no dedicated parking may be cheaper.

The burgeoning outrage should, at the very least, make us consider current policy.

Anger can be broken down into two categories: those who are angry that neighborhood residents leave their cars in the same spot for multiple days and those who are angry that people from outside the neighborhood consume local public parking spots.

Paved parking lots increase water runoff, so a higher stormwater fee is assessed to lot owners.

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All of those costs are transferred to users directly in the form of paid parking or indirectly in the form of higher prices for goods, rent, and home ownership.

After five days, a car can be towed if it reasonably appears to a police officer that the car’s owner does not intend to return and move the car.

[1]While the law may have good intentions, it seems to have been written by someone who has never lived in a place with no assigned parking spots.

Since parking is becoming scarce and people view convenient parking as a fundamental right, anger is increasingly prevalent in many urban neighborhoods.

It’s important to remember that a homeowner or tenant does not own the public parking spot on the street in front of their house and they have no legal right to park directly in front of their building.


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