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Results are shared with the chair and disseminated to the department at large.Foreign Languages and Literature Students shall be responsible for completing an essay 10 to 12 pages in length in the language in which they majored.

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Grades are based on the collective decision of the faculty regarding the quality of the research and of the presentation. candidates must also take and pass ART 405 in their senior year. Upon completion, students present their findings as either a research poster or an oral research presentation at a formal seminar.

The courses ANTH 490 (Senior Assignment) and 491 (Senior Project) are linked to the Anthropology Senior Assignment. A minimum of three department faculty evaluate each presentation based on specific benchmarks.

Criminal Justice Studies (Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies) As part of the University's assessment program, all undergraduate majors in Criminal Justice are required to complete a Senior Assignment.

This will occur during completion of the Supervised Internship (CJ 488).

Anthropology The Senior Assignment consists of intensive and extensive research on a topic selected during the first semester of a two-semester sequence. The completed projects include a written report or research paper, and may also include a museum display, web site, artistic project, or other creative product that suits the student's career goals. candidates must also take and pass ART 405 in their senior year. BIOL 497: Senior Assignment is 2 credit hours, and is also a 1-credit-hour pass/fail course.

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Students present their projects at a public gathering that includes faculty, other students, and appropriate guests. candidates must present a formal review of their art works (portfolio) and present a written paper (artist's statement) - both requirements are assessed by departmental faculty. Students enrolled in these courses are required to develop a capstone research report or conduct a capstone research project.

While there are many case studies of collaboration in information‐literacy instruction and of assessment performed by librarians, there are few examples of assessments jointly developed by librarians and course faculty, and fewer still “authentic assessments” using measures requiring real‐world research because of the effort involved. (2010), "Assessing organically: turning an assignment into an assessment", Reference Services Review, Vol.

Additionally, the paper finds no examples of what is described as “organic assessment”, wherein an existing course assignment, if developed to demonstrate student learning, was adapted to become an assessment tool.

Based on the project, the level of the student's development as a major is assessed by the instructor of the course.

Students must receive a passing grade on their final project to successfully complete their Senior Assignments.


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