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Hydrogen peroxide is produced in your body because of the reactive nature of oxygen. Within your cells, oxygen atoms can lose electrons.

These lost electrons can then be used to produce hydrogen peroxide. Proteins are large, globular molecules made of amino acid subunits.

Every 2 molecules of hydrogen peroxide is broken down into 2 molecules of water and one molecule of oxygen, which are released as the by-products.

For a given initial concentration of substrate, [S]0, the initial rate of product formation is proportional to the total concentration of enzyme [E]0. For a given [E]0 and low values of [S]0, the rate of product formation is proportional to [S]0. For a given [E]0 and high values of [S]0, the rate of product formation becomes independent of [S]0, reaching a maximum value known as the maximum velocity, V(max).

Only specifically shaped locks and keys fit together.

The same is true with enzymes and their substrates.

When a small quantity of hydrogen peroxide is added to it, the enzyme Catalase present in the soaked pea seeds breaks down them into water and oxygen, producing froth due to the release of oxygen gas. Considering the shape of curve is significant for analysis. The graph will show a steadily rising line, turning into a plateau, after reaching a certain point. For a given enzyme concentration and low concentration of substrate, the rate of product formation is proportional to the substrate concentration b. Hydrogen peroxide as a metabolic by-product in the cells.

This released oxygen can be measured in order to study the enzyme activity. Prepare 6 different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in gradual increments, taking the standard low concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in the pilot study (as defined in STEP B, POINT 1) as the lowest concentration in the gradually increasing scale. Conduct a pilot study to check acceptable concentrations of hydrogen peroxide for the investigation by measuring the quantity of oxygen evolved from a reaction in which a low concentration of hydrogen peroxide is treated with 3 parts lesser quantity of the enzyme Catalase. The maximal point of steadily raising line is the V(max) / V(M) representing the maximum velocity. In the beginning of the reaction, where the concentration of substrate is high, the Catalase catalyses the reaction more rapidly. For a given enzyme concentration and high concentration of substrate, the rate of product formation becomes independent of substrate concentration and reaches a maximum velocity known as: V(max) or V(M).

Catalase can convert this dangerous hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen gas, thereby protecting your DNA. These amino acids are arranged in a chain to form the protein molecule. Amino acids are like the links; the chain itself is the protein. This is because of how the amino acids chains are folded together. Different organisms will produce slightly different catalases.

For example, the catalase found in animals is slightly different than the catalase found in plants. The folded and twisted segments in this image represent the amino acid chains.


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