Argumentative Essay On Global Warming Thesis

Over the years, I built a set of assumptions: that Al Gore was right about global warming, that he was the David going up against the industrial Goliath. As I started to look at the data and read about climate science, I was surprised, then shocked. I now think there probably is no climate crisis and that the focus on CO2 takes funding and attention from critical environmental problems.

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More than thirty years ago, I became vegan because I believed it was healthier (it’s not), and I’ve stayed vegan because I believe it’s better for the environment (it is). I love animals; I’ll gladly fly halfway around the world to take photos of them in their natural habitats.

Here are the sections: This nine-thousand-word essay represents over 400 hours of research boiled down into a half-hour reading experience, with links to 250 carefully chosen documents and videos.

I’m building the argument from the bottom up, so take your time and see if it makes sense.

Along the way, I’ll list five “smoking guns” that I think make the argument for decarbonization unsupportable. y journey into critical thinking has taught me to hold strong opinions loosely.

I’ve been more wrong in my life than I thought was possible.


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