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Yet computers do help us connect to the ones we love when we aren’t near. Email has replaced phone message slips and inboxes.

Yet computers do help us connect to the ones we love when we aren’t near. Email has replaced phone message slips and inboxes.And because the computers are linked together through LAN workers can share work, files, and resources.Computers are beneficial, but I think only in small doses.

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When children aren’t supervised is when you can only blame yourself. It’s annoying having it in your search results and its scary all at the same time. But who has the time to watch their kids’ search for information on their science fair project or while they’re playing games.

Remember they’re to busy working on that proposal their boss wants or grading papers.

If it is not a personal computer, it is a video game system or a laptop computer.

There are even cell phones with the capabilities of a computer!

So work is done ahead of schedule and all you can have the weekend to yourself, right? Computers have just given you more work and a way for it to go home with you.

In my view computers have just introduced more stress to our lives.Starting at a young age now, children are learning how to use a computer for fun and for learning.One advantage is that it takes an increased manual dexterity to operate a computer mouse and keyboard, but at the same time, children are losing out on the increased fine motor skills that come with writing their name and assignments out in long hand.Companies expected employees to do get things done in shorter periods of time and still out beat the competition, by produce bigger and better things.While work keeps moms and dads slaving to piles of work, kids are left to there own devices. It helps us explore the world but then again so will the Discovery channel, Travel channel and several other channels.Everyone loves efficiency and while it certainly speeds up the writing process, it leads to the enforcement of common misspellings. For example, a couple in South Korea was recently charged with murder after they neglected their newborn baby to spend up to 12 hours a day in an internet café caring for a virtual baby.This type of obsession certainly can make the case that people are becoming too dependant on computers. The most important issue in the debate on whether or not people are becoming too dependant on computers is one of safety.Society is becoming increasingly dependent on computers and technology for functioning in every day life.Every aspect of our lives has been affected by the infiltration of computers and technology.However, if a person is able to find a safe, secure, and healthy balance, then they are probably not in danger of becoming too depemdent on their computers. Introduction Computers are now the essense of the lives of modern day generation.


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