Argumentative Essay On Child Abuse

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For whatever reason, studies suggest that abusive parents tend to be much more demanding than nonabusive parents.Society’s focus on the ideal family creates stress when an individual realizes that he or she is not living up to society’s standard of the modern family, be it by not making enough income, not living in the right neighborhood, or needing a two-income household in order to get by.As with any abuse situation, the child abuse may be physical, psychological, emotional, sexual, or some combination.

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Low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy have also been linked to a greater tendency to abuse when compared with persons with higher levels of self-esteem.

After prolonged exposure to negative opinions, an individual may become violent as a way of venting the built-up pressure and anxiety caused by low selfesteem.

The use of alcohol or drugs reduces inhibitions and heightens the abusers’ awareness of personal insecurities.

Both alcohol and drugs can, through aggravating stress and impairing judgment, cause an abuser to verbally or physically attack a child for some perceived wrong.

Abuse is also used as a method to gain control over a child.

A person who has a poor self-concept, low self-esteem, or has been a victim of prior abuse has a stronger need for control and power, because it is the ability to gain power and control that validates the abuser. Often parents have very little preparation for the tasks of parenting, have unrealistic expectations about what it entails, and have little understanding of how children can be expected to behave at various stages of development.

Some children with special needs require additional care that heightens caregiving stress.

Not all babies are equally easy-going, and those that seem more prone to crying can lead parents to question their skills.

Stress is increased when one is a single parent, has lower income or is unemployed, is ill, or experiences conflict with a romantic partner.

Furthermore, environmental stressors such as the family ideal, work, finances, and even health issues can cause a large amount of stress.


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