Applying Critical Thinking

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There’s no question that effective critical thinkers are also largely creative thinkers.Critical thinking also means not taking anything at face value.It means always asking questions and exploring all sides of an issue, and appreciating the deeper facts hiding in everything.That’s why critical thinkers act as much with their hearts as they do with their minds.Opportunities to apply critical thinking skills are all around us every moment.When facing any kind of a challenge, someone has to take the lead and make the hard calls others shy away from.Effective critical thinkers realize that, more often than not, it’s necessary to take the initiative and make a decision even if it ends up being the wrong one.As such, those who think critically also tend to be instinctual Many situations that call for critical thinking also call for quick and decisive action.When we think critically we weigh our options and imagine the outcomes in the moment with speed and clarity, and are able to put aside fear when it comes to making decisions.The practice of honesty in critical thinking also extends to how one looks within oneself to embrace what resides there.It takes into account the processes behind managing our emotions, controlling our impulses, and recognizing any attempts at self-deception.


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