Applied Behavior Analysis Research Paper

Together with your advisor, you will select a suitable subject and write a proposal document to support the selection.

You will have to outline the process you intend to follow in the course of your research and state the elements that will be required to either prove or disprove the thesis statement.

According to a 1990 article published in The Behavior Analyst journal, an appropriate thesis topic should fit systematically into the existing literature.

That is to say that it should logically extend existing investigations in a novel manner, such as researching the effects of Pivotal Response Training (a widely-implemented ABA treatment technique) as applied during a specific environmental scenario with a particular category of patient, as one recent thesis paper did.

Expectations for subject matter and scope of the research are scaled to the level of the student so you are not competing with full-fledged academic researchers.

If you undertake a thesis project, it will typically be in the final year of your program.

Creating the proposal will take several months and involve a considerable amount of research and discussion with your advisor.

Once you have completed the proposal, you will have to present it to your thesis committee before actually beginning the project.

The proposal will include: Many students operate under the common misconception that thesis research should be on a topic never before explored.

Although it is true that research is expected to be original, it’s a mistake to interpret the requirement to mean it should be ground-breaking.


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