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Due Process and Selective Incorporation The first amendment: What forms of expression are entitled to constitutional protection?

Due Process and Selective Incorporation The first amendment: What forms of expression are entitled to constitutional protection?

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For information regarding required Supreme Court cases to know for the course and potentially the exam, refer to Appendix B in the AP U. Government & Politics 2018-2019 Curriculum Framework.

Commentary Debate Prep Study Blue Supreme Court Landmark Cases Wilson Textbook 11th Wilson Powerpts 10th AP FRQs Nine Foundational Documents Federalist 10 Federalist 51 Brutus I: “To the Citizens of the State of New York” Declaration of Independence Articles of Confederation US Constitution Letter from Birmingham Jail Federalist 70 (Executive Expansion) Federalist 78 (Judiciary) AP US Government Quizlet Flashcards General Vocab Definitions Tour America with the Coopers Index of Chapters Chapter 1: Study of American Government Chapter 2: The Constitution Chapter 3: Federalism Chapter 4: American Political Culture Chapter 7: Public Opinion Chapter 8: Political Participation Chapter 9: Political Parties Chapter 10: Elections Chapter 11: Interest Groups Chapter 12: The Media Chapter 13: The Legislature Chapter 14: The Presidency Chapter 15: The Bureaucracy Chapter 16: The Judiciary Chapter 17: The Policy-Making Process Chapter 18: Economic Policy Chapter 19: Social Welfare Policy Chapter 20: Foreign Policy Chapter 21: Environmental Policy Chapter 5: Civil Liberties Chapter 6: Civil Rights Oregon Government Economics Topics Official AP Course and Exam Description(Warning! ) Top Quiz, Cost-benefit table Cold call/Lecture Review answers to Locke’s Second Treatise Handout: Philosophical Foundations Discuss Philosophical Foundations Fishbowl: Division of Power (if time) Read pgs 26-34 (stop at “The Constitution and Liberty”) Short Lecture Liberty vs.

If you score high enough, your AP score could earn you college credit! Students will have 80 minutes to complete this section.

Government & Politics exam tests the topics and skills discussed in your AP Gov course. Government Guide for what you need to know about the exam: *Changes for the May 2019 exam: The multiple-choice section will include 55 questions with 4 possible answers.

Equality, Articles of Confed, what was the British perspective?

Mischief of Factions Assn: Read Page A20-24 Fed 10, analysis_of_fed_10_and_51 Fed10_questions Fed 10 (text A-20) & 51 (text A-25) immigration video Fed 10 Quotes Federalist 51 Quotes constitution Essay Question Read pgs 34-38 (stop at The Constitution and Slavery) Worksheet: rewrite checks and balances table 2-2 Page 35: Checks and Balances Read pgs 38-42 (stop at Constitutional Reform) Fishbowl: The Debate over Church and State Read pgs 42-45 Study for test on Chap 1-2; see STUDY OUTLINE Foundations and Constitution Test, Chapters 1-2 Read pgs 51-56 (see Monday discussion) The Constitution of the United States Top Federalism Vocab Video: Medical marijuana and states rights Read the FEDERALISM landmark cases document and complete the Worksheet.

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Holder (2013) Read pg 183-187 (Start at “Who Participates in Politics”) FRQ Review questions: Political Participation T/F Quiz: Political Participation Read pgs 193-199 (stop at Party Realignments) Top Chapter 9: Political Parties Read Pgs 199-204 (stop at National Conventions) Cold Call 2016 Political Ads Database Videos: Move On, Swiftboat Vets, free enterprise fund, program for america Read article handouts from Pew and Wilson Quarterly.

Cold Call–articles 50parties Big Think Video: Thoughts about Third Parties by Lee Hamilton Read pgs 204-210 (stop at “The Two-Party System) Cold Call Essay Assignment: Party Platforms–see handout (below).


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