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His sarcasm shows the ridiculousness of the situation.What country would be okay with its innocent civilians being killed by a foreign superpower?

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This would-be weekend getaway becomes a set-up to trap Chris and auction off his body, which will be taken over through surgery by the highest bidder.

Chris is far from the first victim, and, in this case, the "winner" of the auction is a blind man, who wants to make use of Chris' eyes.

Stewart uses exaggeration, incongruity and attention to detail to satirize the United States involvement in the situation.

Stewart exaggerates the circumstances by which the United States placed a wire-tap onto Angela Merkel’s phone. Bush giving a quick massage to Angela Merkel on her shoulders as actually placing a wire-tap on her. Stewart indirectly leads the audience to see that although the spying was over a decade long and also occurred during the Bush Administration, Obama was the one to cross the line.

Crucially, the man is also an art dealer (who knows of Chris' work), "a person who sells his artistic tastes without really being able to see." With the use of Chris's eyes, he will be able to profit, not from Chris's eyes alone, but from his "artistic insight" as well as his perceived authenticity, for the content of his "gritty" images.

Furthermore, just as Chris will, following the surgery, forever be a sort of "passenger" or audience within himself, the essay claims that the themselves (and, by extension, anyone who consumes entertainment) is engaging in an activity that can be "passive, or hypnotic, if we allow our minds to be controlled by whatever images we're fed." https://

This essay goes into ways in which the film resonates with two other horror films (and although the former far is more respected than the latter, both movies also have far more typical genre endings): It's already widely known that an alternate ending, which Peele has not yet revealed, is to be included in the forthcoming DVD release, and the director has already revealed not just one, but two other alternate endings. v=33guh Va X7l E&ab_channel=amc Neither of these conclusions (which were, suffice it say, far more depressing) was filmed, as the filmmaker felt they would have ruined the movie for audiences.

And as it is, A lot of this movie was ripped from 2015's "The Invitation", right down to the wild animal being hit by the couple on the way to the gathering.

, the debut feature from Jordan Peele, is a horror film that's also a parody of horror films, and, at the same time, a trenchant satire/social commentary that's loaded with symbolism and cinematic references.

This video essay from Screen Prism looks at several of these aspects in the breakout hit of the year.


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